EMei ZhenGong

The elements of the EMei ZhenGong school are rooted in the ancient world of Wu 巫 (Chinese shamanism), which is the source of all the classical Chinese traditions, such as Confucianism, Daoism, classical Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese music, Yijing, FengShui, and the martial arts. In ancient China, shamans were respected as sages and sages as shamans. The forms’ lineage was passed down to me by renowned Chinese medicine doctor, martial artist, and Qigong master Yu WenCai 于文才, from the SiChuan 四川 region of southwest China. 

The FuLu school

Within the theoretical foundation of Mt. Emei Sage Style Qigong lies the wisdom of ancient Yijing science and the principles of classical Chinese medicine. This Wu 巫 (Chinese shamanic) style is also commonly known as the FuLu 符箓 School. The Chinese character Fu 符 means symbol, omen, in alignment with, and in accord with. Lu 箓 refers to a book of prophecy, an incantation, or a Daoist amulet to ward off evil. The tradition also carries ancient Chinese shamanic rituals, healing arts, internal alchemy, and spiritual cultivation methods that utilize talismans and mantras. Within EMei ZhenGong, we have several teaching systems which each transmit the wisdom of Wu (shamanic) healing and spiritual transformation, Chinese medicine, divination, Qigong, and martial arts.

Learn more about practices from Mt. Emei

Master Wu has written several books detailing practices from the EMei lineage:

Vital Breath of the Dao

Chinese Cosmic Orbit Qigong

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong

For visual learners, he also offers precise instruction of these forms through these DVDs: 

Shamanic Tiger Qigong DVD

Cosmic Orbit Qigong DVD

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong DVD

Five Elements Qigong DVD

Learn in real time!

Many students find that learning a form live, directly from Master Wu, is ideal. If this is of interest to you, please check the training schedule to see when he is next in your area.