JingDao session 1 Rennes-le-Château, France 2021

JingDao session 1 Rennes-le-Château, France 2021

October 13 @ 6:30 pm October 18 @ 12:00 pm Europe/Paris

This course will be taught in English, with a French translator.

Program description:

This program offers an invitation to thoroughly explore the time-honored practices that promote harmony in your Inner-Trinity (body, Qi, and spirit) and in your Outer-Trinity (family, community, and environment).

Instruction is offered in an immersive setting. During four intensive trainings, we delve ever deeper into the theories and practices of these ancient lineage teachings. It is through our own cultivation practices that we learn to turn knowledge into the wisdom of our own daily experience.

In the Daoist tradition, an essential component of all internal cultivation practices is community. Being in the company of like heart-minds offers tremendous support on our life journey. After the initial 4 trainings of the JingDao program, we will continue to offer various advanced topic retreats in order to support our growing community of cultivation practitioners. As we walk together on the Daoist path, we grow as a family, with students building lasting friendships as Qi brothers and sisters.

Session One – JingLun 經綸

Awakening the Wisdom Within

  • Principles of ancient Chinese wisdom traditions
  • SanYuanGong三元功 – Three Sources Qigong
  • WuXinFa 五行法 – Five Elements Qigong
  • NeiGong 內功 – Internal Alchemy Meditation I
  • Yijing 易經I – Bagua八卦 (Eight Trigrams): Symbolism & Numerology

When will Sessions 2-4 be held?

Sessions 2-4 are loosely planned for October 2022 (session 2), October 2023 (session 3), and October 2024 (session 4).

Program cost:

The program cost is all-inclusive which includes instruction, shared room accommodation and meals: €1,600 per session (including the €500 deposit), which must be paid in full at least 60 days before the start of each retreat. 

After the deposit is paid, the remaining balance for each retreat will be €1,100 (full price) / €780 (early bird price).

Though we will be happy to have you, there is no requirement to attend all sessions. You are welcome to join each session as your schedule permits.


Les Labadous
Rennes-le-Château, 11190 France
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JingDao session 3 2021 (virtual retreat, invitation only)

JingDao session 3 2021 (virtual retreat, invitation only)

• WaiQiLiaoFa外氣療灋 External Qi-healing• ErShiBaXiuGong 二十八㝛功 – 28 Lunar Mansions• NeiGong – Internal Alchemy Meditation III• ShuFu 書符 – Chinese Calligraphy & Talismans I• Yijing III – 64 Hexagram Divination (Introduction)

JingDao session 4 Norrtälje 2019

JingDao session 4 Norrtälje 2019

Completion of sessions 1-3 required

Playing with Classical Daoist Arts:
• Traditional Chinese Spiritual Cultivation & Healing
• LaoHuGong 老虎功 – Venerable Tiger Qigong
• NeiGong內功 – Internal Alchemy Meditation IV
• ShuFu – Chinese Calligraphy & Talismans II
• Yijing IV–64 Hexagram Divination (Practice)
• Remote Diagnosis & Remote Healing