Dai XinYi WuXing – Lyon 2021

Dai XinYi WuXing – Lyon 2021

November 13 @ 10:00 am November 14 @ 5:00 pm Europe/Paris

Dai Family XinYi 戴心意 is one of the China’s most esoteric Qigong and internal martial arts systems. Rooted in the DaoJiaYinXianPai 道家隱仙派 (the Daoist Hidden Immortal Lineage), the entire system is based on the principles of Daoist alchemy and embodies the richness and depth of Daoist philosophy and Chinese medicine theory. It is a powerful method of exploring healing, internal alchemy, and spiritual transformation. 

In this XinYi WuXing 心意五行 workshop, we will focus on:

·     Brief history of the Hidden Immortal Lineage and Dai Family XinYi

·     XinYi, Daoist philosophy and internal alchemy 

·     XinYi NeiGong 心意內功: HunYuanZhuang 混元樁 (The Primordial Stance) – the fundamental XinYi internal alchemy standing posture 

·     ChangSanBu 長三步 (Trinity Step) – a stepping method that awakens deeper levels of consciousness   

·      Principles of Yijing WuXing 易經五行

·     XinYi YiJing WuXing Quan 心意易經五行拳 – Dai Family Heart-Mind Yijing Five Elements Form. These five essential movements increase physical strength and stamina as well as optimize the function of the five organ systems

·     Self healing and clinical applications of HunYuanZhuang and XinYi WuXing


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