Sound healing with Qin music

The songs in Master Wu’s Qinxin and Qinxin II CDs are traditional pieces, some being over a thousand years old.  They are specially related to the Five Elements and Universal Qi. The rhythm of the songs will resonate with different harmonious energy in the Universe and will tune the listener’s heart into a healing and peaceful state.

You can use Master Wu’s CDs for self-healing, acupuncture, message therapy, Qi healing, Qigong, Taiji, Yoga, meditation, body energy work, and Fengshui. Below are some guidelines to help you enjoy optimal benefits when you play a Qinxin CD:

For self-healing:

If you want to use the CD for self-healing or to rejuvenate your energy, please sit or lie down in a very comfortable and relaxed posture. Regulate your breathing to be slow; then imagine the sound of the music playing in you lower belly and feel the resonance with your physical and spiritual body. 

If you are a healer or therapist:

If you are a healer or therapist, please ask your clients to follow the above guidelines; then take a minute to allow your heart to resonate with the music before you work with your clients.

During your cultivation practice:

If you are a practitioner of Qigong, Taiji, Yoga, or meditation, please simply play the CD and enjoy the energy during your practice.  

To create harmonious Fengshui:

If you want to create harmonious Fengshui in your home or office with this CD, please place a bowl of pure water in the sacred spot of the building and play the CD three times. Keep the water in the same spot for three days and then discard it by pouring it outside of the front gate of the property.