Course description

Of all my inner cultivation experiences, the most powerful practices are Fu, Chinese Talisman.  

According to Wu (Chinese Shamanic) tradition, talismans allow us direct access to universal Qi for the purposes of inner cultivation, healing and creating harmonizing FengShui energy.

Practicing the Dragon Talisman and its associated Qigong form is an essential method to work with the symbolic power of Long 龍, the Chinese dragon. 

Long is the legendary and most mystical animal of Chinese culture and it is the most auspicious animal. 

It represents power, life energy, transformation, communication, connection, freedom, and the universal way. According to Chinese mythology, dragon is the rainmaker, has magic powers that allow it to change natural formations, and can easily fly between heaven and earth. 

Practicing this form is a way to awaken our own hibernating dragons—ShenQi 神氣 (spiritual energies); calling upon them helps us transform obstacles in the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

In this training, I will share: Classical talisman cultivation and healing principles; Dragon Talisman and its Qigong form for healing and spiritual transformation. 

Talismans via Zoom?

In the EMei Sage Style Qigong School, although other EMei forms may be taught openly and without restriction, this most revered Fu system is carefully guarded. Over the years, I have received many requests to teach talismans via distance learning from Qi-friends, especially once traveling long distances became more challenging for most of us.

After meditating with these requests, I have finally decided to offer this Dragon Talisman workshop through Zoom.


Early bird price (before 15 September) is USD$100/€100/£85

Full price (after 15 September) is $120/€120/£100

Course schedule

The workshop will begin at 13:00 CET and end at 17:45 CET

  • 13:00- 13:45 lecture,  draw talisman, Q&A
  • 14:00- 14:45 practice Dragon Talisman Qogong
  • 15:00 – 15:45 lecture, talisman healing, Q&A
  • 16:00- 16:45 practice Dragon Talisman Qogong 
  • 17:00 – 17:45 lecture, review, Q&A

Will it be recorded?

Yes, this workshop will be recorded.

The recording will be available to all registered participants a few hours after the workshop has ended.

Participants will receive an automatic email from Zoom with the link to the recordings.

Recordings will be available for repeat viewing for one week after the event.


To register, please email Master Wu