Dai Family XinYi戴心意 is one of the China’s most esoteric Qigong and internal martial arts systems. Rooted in the DaoJiaYinXianPai 道家隱仙派 (the Daoist Hidden Immortal Lineage), the entire system is based on the principles of Daoist alchemy and embodies the richness and depth of Daoist philosophy and Chinese medicine theory. It is a powerful method of exploring healing, internal alchemy, and spiritual transformation.

In this workshop we will deepen our exploration of the BaGua XinJing, covering:
• XianTian BaGua 先天八卦 (Prenatal Trigram Arrangement) in internal alchemy and clinical healing practice
• XinYi BaGua Prenatal Circle Walking Form
• Self healing and clinical applications of HunYuanZhuang and XinJing