Early bird price (before Jan 15): $1200

Full price (after Jan 15): $1500

Of all my inner cultivation experiences, the most powerful practices are Fu 符, Chinese Talisman. In the EMei Sage Style Qigong School 峨眉真功, the lineage master traditionally teaches the talisman system to only a limited number of students throughout his or her entire life. Although other EMei forms may be taught openly and without restriction, this most revered system is carefully guarded. 

According to Wu 巫 (Chinese shamanism) custom, talismans allow us direct access to universal Qi for the purposes of inner cultivation, healing, and creating harmonizing Fengshui energy. 


This training is open to students who have completed the 2019 Talisman Intensive in Portland, Oregon and/or students who participated in the 2019 Sword/Internal Alchemy China Trip Journey in TaiShan, China.


Bow and Arrow Medicine

1235 SE Division St, Suite 106A 
Portland, OR 97202 United States