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Please consider making one combined donation for the classes you plan on attending

All classes times are listed in the Central European Time zone

ShengHua 昇華/Great Transformation – 49 Day Challenge with Master Wu

In order to support the traditional cultivation practices of Qi-friends from all over the world, I am offering a traditional 49 day Qigong challenge.

Why 49 days? In the Mt. Emei shamanic tradition (and in the Yijing prediction system), we emphasize an important universal principle stated in the hexagram Fu 復, “FanFuQiDao QiRiLaiFu 反覆其道 七日來復 — one cycle of the Way returns again in the seventh day.” This principle indicates that the universe cycles through different qualities of Qi (vital energy) for six days and on the seventh day, the energetic cycle begins again, anew. This is why seven also stands for rebirth or recreation. Our human bodies are also deeply influenced by this repeating cycle of Qi. Traditionally, seven cycles of seven is the complete cycle of transformation. 

Experience it for yourself! Set a goal to dedicate to 49 days (seven-sevens) of unbroken practice and notice what kinds of changes you notice in your body on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

This series is donation based, open to everyone, regardless of experience. Although recommended, is not required for anyone to attend the entire 49 days.

Zhen ☳ Qigong – The Ritual of the Heart

According to the classical Qigong tradition, there is only one disease: Qi stagnation. This fundamental principle of traditional Chinese medicine is described to us in the HuangDi NeiJing黃帝內經: BuTongZeTong 不通則痛 – If there is obstruction, there will be disease. 

Qi stagnation (or loss of Qi flow) forms irregular patterns in the energetic, mental and/or physical planes of the body. Left unchecked, Qi stagnation will manifest as the myriad of diseases known to modern medicine. By learning to transform areas of stagnation back to free-flowing Qi, we work to recover the health of our health and wellbeing. The NeiJing tells us that all pain is related to the Heart, which itself is a symbol for Shen 神 – spirit within the body. In other words, the classics tell us that a weak spiritual body may cause weakness in the physical body. This connection should never be ignored.

In China’s esoteric EMeiZhenGong 峨嵋真功 (Mt. Emei Sage Style) school, connecting to the spirit and transforming areas of Qi stagnation is the key to healing illness and imbalance. Zhen ☳ Qigong, also known as the Ritual of the Heart, is an ancient practice of inner dancing and drumming to awaken the energy and consciousness. It promotes the free flow of Qi throughout the body, optimizes the function of the organ systems, awakens the Shen 神, and brings balance to the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Register in advance through Zoom

When is the Zoom class held?

It will be a daily 45 minute class

First class meeting is 17 April 2021 (Central European Time)

Class is held 05:00-05:45am (Central European Time)

05:00-05:45am CET is equal to: 08:00-08:45pm Pacific Standard Time (the day before), 11-11:45pm (the day before) Eastern Standard Time/ 04:00-04:45am Greenwich Mean Time, etc

We will meet every day for 49 uninterrupted days of practice (ending 4 June 2021 – Central European Time)

How to register for the class? 

Open Zoom on your preferred device (you will need to download the Zoom app)

Enter Meeting ID: 848 2748 8029

Enter Passcode: 621152

Register your name and email address

Class will begin promptly at 5amCET

The weekly classes will not be recorded

What is the cost?

Each class has a suggested donation of $10 (SEK85 / 8€ / ₤7)

Donations may be made through PayPal, international bank transfer or SWISH (123.365.4415)

If you are paying by Swish or international bank transfer, Please consider making monthly or quarterly payments (one lump sum donation) for the number of classes you plan on attending, if possible.


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