Qi Healing (Medical Qigong)

Qi healing is popularly recognized as the term ‘Medical Qigong’ and is part of all traditional Qigong training. 

In authentic Qigong and NeiDan (internal alchemy) practice, we emphasize ZhuJi 築基, which means fundamental training.  The purpose of this core training practice is to build and maintain your foundation. 

ZhuJi and self healing

ZhuJi practice helps create the foundation of physical, mental and spiritual health upon which your body’s self-healing ability grows. Building up your internal strength in this way prepares your body to be able to recover from illness, imbalance or low energy states.  It is also the means through which you connect more deeply with your personal spiritual journey.   


When you work to keep your foundation solid, you will not only be maximizing your self-healing skills, you will also be more effective when you do healing work with others.