Vital Breath of the Dao Book, 2nd edition


This new edition of Vital Breath of the Dao, the best-selling book by Master Zhongxian Wu offers a deep dive into advanced Qigong methods and Daoist philosophy for practitioners of all levels and for those interested in Daoism and traditional Chinese shamanism, and those interested in learning the traditional Five Needles Qigong method.



Immersing the reader in Daoist philosophy and its impact on life, this new edition of Vital Breath of the Dao by Master Zhongxian Wu is a fully illustrated guide to qigong, a way of physical and spiritual cultivation, and a way of life.

The book includes the historical background, practical application, underlying principles and techniques of Daoist cultivation practices to bolster health and intensify spiritual connection to universal energy. Lineage holder Master Zhongxian Wu uses storytelling and a wealth of practical examples to introduce internal alchemy methods that link practitioners to the Five Heavenly Threads through the powerful Five Needles/Threads Qigong method. He also offers previously unseen personal stories to deepen his explanation of Daoist philosophy and cosmology.


Dedication. Introduction. Acknowledgements. Foreword. Part I: PinMingLunDao 品茗論道 – Tea and the Dao: Chapter 1. DaoFaZiRan 道灋自然 – The Dao Follows its Natural Way, Chapter 2. TianWangHuiHui 天网恢恢-The Universal Network, Chapter 3 DongXiYuanTong 东西圓通—The Pathway of Yin Yang; Part II: HanSanHeYi含三合 一Holding Three in One, Chapter 4. Xiang象 — Symbolism, Chapter 5. Shu 数 — Numerology, Chapter 6. Li理 — Theory; Part III DaDaoZhiJian 大道至簡—The Great Dao is Simple: *Chapter 7. XiuDao 修道 – The Dao of Cultivation. Afterword.


“The first edition of Vital Breath of the Dao, providing as it did a much richer and more rounded view of the Daoist way than anything hitherto published, was the inspiration for the launch of Singing Dragon.

This new edition, refined and expanded, speaks even more clearly of the way in which the Daoist arts are the ingredients in a way of life accessible to all of us seeking a deeper reality. From both an intellectual and a practical point of view, this book can change your life—it certainly changed mine.”

—Jessica Kingsley, founder of Singing Dragon and long-term student