Dancing & Drumming: Feeling the Rhythm of Qigong, Calligraphy & Wu 巫


Qigong is a traditional method of physical, mental, and spiritual cultivation. Calligraphy is an ancient and elegant art form. Wu 巫, or Chinese shamanism, is culture of the mysterious, the divine and is often considered a religion. Although at first glance these concepts appear unrelated, from a Qi perspective, they are intimately interconnected.

Qi is usually translated into English as “vital energy”. The existence of universal Qi is similar to the rhythm of music: We cannot see it, yet we can feel it in our bodies and throughout the environment through a deep heart/mind connection. In this article, I will introduce you to the concept of Qi and how the rhythm of Qigong, calligraphy and Wu are interconnected. In Chinese, this rhythm is known as Qiyun 氣韻 (Figure 1) – the rhythm of Qi.

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