Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong Book


Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong is a uniquely powerful practice from China’s esoteric EMei tradition which bolsters our health, activates our inner life power, and deepens our spiritual connection to universal energy.


Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong is the expanded version of the “practice section” of Master Wu’s first book published in English, Vital Breath of the Dao. This current incartion delves more deeply into a uniquely classical practice designed to bolster our health, activate our inner life power, and deepen our spiritual connection to universal energy.

This book illustrates the philosophy and cultivating method of the Tiger Qigong form and unlocks the mysterious internal alchemy principle of LaoHu (Shamanic Tiger) Gong. By delving further into Xiang (Daoist symbolism) of Tiger, practitioners will receive greater benefits from studying this book and their own Tiger Qigong practice.

Master Wu also shares how each movement in the Tiger Qigong practice relates to the eight extraordinary meridians, twelve organ meridians and twenty four JieQi (seasons). This knowledge will help seasoned practitioners experience new dimensions of their cultivation and sharpen their healing tools.

Table of Contents: Introduction; Chapter 1 Men (The Entrance), 1.1 Lao, 1.2 Hu (T , 1.3 Gong; Chapter 2 Yao (The Greatest Medicine), 2.1 Xü, 2.2 Feng, 2.3 Jie; Chapter 3 Gen (The Root),3.1 EMei ZhenGong, 3.2 Union; Chapter 4 Wu (Inner Dancing and Drumming), 4.1 Dou, 4.2 Zhen; Chapter 5 Fa (The Practice) 5.1 HongMengYiQi (Return to the Great Primordial Qi), 5.2 ShuiHuJueXing (Sleeping Tiger Wakes Up), 5.3 LiDiBaiWei (Tiger Wags its Tail), 5.4 DanDanChuDong (Tiger Emerges from the Cave), 5.5 YaoWuYangWei (Tiger Displays Martial Power), 5.6 ShenJianZhanXie (Spiritual Sword Kills the Demon), 5.7 QiHuaSanPan (Qi Transforms the Three Layers), 5.8 TongTianCheDi (Connect with Heaven and Penetrate Earth), 5.9 HuaiBaoRiYue (Embrace the Sun and Moon), 5.10 BaoYiShangShan (Tiger Climbs the Mountain), 5.11 YuFengXiaShan (Ride the Wind Down the Mountain), 5.12 QiGuanChangHong (Qi Transforms into a Rainbow), 5.13 YunXingYuShi (Moving Clouds Makes the Rain), 5.14 ErLongXiZhu (Double Dragons Play with the Pearl), 5.15 TiHuGuanDing (Heavenly Dew Purifies the Body), 5.16 JingGuiXiaHai (Golden Turtle Plunges into the Ocean), 5.17 JingTaoHuiDang (Colorful Wave Cleanses the Spirit), 5.18 DanFengChaoYang (Red Phoenix Visits the Sun), 5.19 ShuiZhongLaoYue (Life the Moon from the Water), 5.20 LongTengHuYue (Dragon and Tiger Leap into Heaven), 5.21 HuiFengHunHe (Harmonizing Wind Unites the Cosmos), 5.22 WeiLingBaFang (Maintain Peace in the Eight Directions), 5.23 ChaoLiDongTian (Sacrifice Everything to the Heavenly Cave), 5.24 DaoQiChangCun (Remain in the Dao Qi); Afterword.


Praise for Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong:

“In this revised edition of the practice section in his first book, Vital Breath of the Dao, Master Wu presents an expanded view and practice approach to an esoteric system of energy work practiced in China for thousands of years to cultivate health, longevity, and spiritual awareness, a system Master Wu has adapted to fit the needs of contemporary readers looking for effective ways to deal with the complex challenges to human health in the world today.

Since the publication of his first, groundbreaking book twelve years ago, Wu Zhongxian has become an important voice for the Tao in the western world, renowned for the clarity and practicality of his approach to teaching western students the ancient Taoist art and science of energy work, one of China’s greatest gifts to the world. His writing clearly conveys the essence of the ancient precepts handed down to him from the masters of age-old lineages of which he is a direct descendant. His books not only teach the right way to practice the forms, they also show the way to integrate the teachings with daily life in the modern world.

There is nothing mysterious about the Tao. It’s as simple and natural as breathing. But it takes a true master to teach a world that’s lost its Way – even the right way to breathe – how to get back on track again. This is a guidebook that shows you the way.”

–Daniel Reid, bestselling author and leading expert of Eastern philosophy/holistic medicine




It is 2018, twelve years since the publication of my first book in English, Vital Breath of the Dao: Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong. As I discussed in that book, twelve is a magic number!

It is a symbol for the universal clock, i.e. ShiErChen 十 二 辰, representing time and space. In Chinese cosmology, we certainly recognize the number twelve as contained in the twelve Chen 辰(1 Chen = 2 hours) in the day or the twelve months of the year. In Chinese medicine, the number twelve corresponds to the twelve organ meridian systems in the human body or microcosm, which in turn correspond to the twelve months in the year and the twelve spiritual animals related to the zodiac. Twelve represents the energetic changes our bodies experience in a twelve Chen day and the twelve months of the year as well.

This book was widely acknowledged as a “modern Qigong classic” by readers all over the world and has been reprinted several times. Over the years, I have received countless requests from seasoned practitioners to expand upon my writings in Vital Breath of the Dao. As the number twelve also represents progression and new life, I find it is finally the perfect time for the original book to evolve—allow me to welcome you now to its new incarnation!

For this new enterprise, I have decided to elaborate upon my previous writing to the extent that it makes most sense to expand my first book into two much larger stand-alone books. The Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong book you are currently reading is an extended version of the “Qigong practice” section of the original book. In the soon-to-be-published, extended edition of the main part of Vital Breath of the Dao, I have focused on adding considerably more detailed information on the shamanic roots of Qigong, Wu 巫 (Chinese shamanism) tradition, Daoism, symbolism, numerology, and philosophy.

The symbolic meanings of “Venerable Tiger” are deep and rich, and give shape to the very spirit of the Tiger Qigong form. Having taught this form to students all over the world since the early 1990s, I feel it is time to unlock some of the mystery of LaoHu 老虎 (Shamanic Tiger) by sharing a more advanced discussion on Tiger symbolism as it relates to this traditional internal cultivation practice. I have found that students are ever more ready to increase their understanding and heighten their experience of the Tiger Qigong practice, and that by delving further into Xiang 象 (Daoist symbolism) other practitioners seeking the essence of traditional Daoist internal arts also receive greater benefits from their own practice.

After years of specific requests from my senior students, I will also share how each movement in the Tiger Qigong practice relates to the eight extraordinary meridians, twelve organ meridians, and 24 JieQi. This previously secret knowledge will add dimension to your practice and help you develop your cultivation experience and optimize its healing results.

It is my hope that this new edition will support those of you on the path of holism, ancient healing techniques, and spiritual cultivation in gaining innumerable rewards from your own dedicated efforts.

Auspicious Qi,

Wu Zhongxian 吳忠賢

“Rainbow Harbor,” Sweden

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