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Understand how to recognize the various influences on BaZi (Chinese Astrology) and learn how to calculate personalised astrological charts with this beautifully illustrated guide. Dr Karin Taylor Wu explains how to interpret detailed charts for better understanding of our histories and present and future selves.


The Chinese Astrology/GanZhi Workbook

In this fully illustrated workbook, Dr. Karin Taylor Wu instructs you in the art of creating an individualized Chinese Four Pillar astrology chart. For the first time to the western audience, learn the traditional method of BaZi calculation without needing a Chinese calendar.

Detailed instructions show how your destiny is contained within your birth chart, and how to understand its changes over the whole lifespan. Dr. Taylor Wu also explains the relationship between your individual BaZi chart and your personality, emotions, health, relationships, aptitudes, and life chances. With many examples, and worked exercises, including a detailed interpretation of actual charts and case studies, Dr. Taylor Wu demonstrates how to bring the GanZhi principles to life.

This workbook provides an essential tool for optimizing personal life choices and for developing healing, consulting, and leadership skills in order to help others.


If you find yourself with questions regarding the calculations as you work your way through the book, you are welcome to ask them in the Q&A Forum on!


Foreword. TianSuan (The Cosmic Agenda). Introduction; The GanZhi BaZi Calendar, Dao, YinYang, WuXing, BaGua, BaZi, Chinese Astrology: BaZi and SiZhu. 1. Calculate the Four Pillars (SiZhu)/Eight Characters (BaZi). 2. TaiYuan (Origin of Conception). 3. MingGong (Palace of Karma) 4. DaYun (Great Transfer). 5. ShenSha (Spirits and Ghosts); FengKong (Encountering Emptiness), FuYin (Hidden Moaning), TianYi (Good Fortune), TaoHua (Peach Blossom), YiMa (Wandering Horse), TianDe (Heavenly Virtue), TianYi (Medicine), WenChang (Knowledge),Taiji (Mysticism). 6. Introduction to BaZi Analysis. 7. Case Studies. Answers to Practice Exercises. Appendix; Fundamental BaZi Calculations, Supplemental Calculations, JieQi Tables.


“A must-have guide to the complex world of Chinese astrological science! In yet another excellent publication, Karin Taylor Wu demystifies the arcane system of Bazi Suanming by providing step-by-step instructions and study exercises for aficionados of this ancient technique. This book gives Chinese medicine specialists and students of Eastern wisdom traditions concrete ways to integrate this time-honored method into their present-day practice.”

Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, Founding Professor, School of Classical Chinese Medicine
National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon, USA


“Karin Taylor Wu has taken the very complex calculations for creating an individualized BaZi Chart and has made the process much more usable and understandable. The techniques for mathematical calculation are explained simply and systematically. But, the reader is also gifted with the pearls of ancient wisdom in the interpretation of the Five Elements seen in the combinations of the Heavenly Stem and Earthy Branches. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to practice Chinese Astrology.”

— Lillian Bridges, President, Lotus Institute Inc, Author


Calculating the BaZi is an extraordinary, precise and spiritually rooted book on authentic BaZi Chinese astrology. Dr. Karin Taylor Wu has skillfully integrated an ancient oral tradition with a modern delivery to create a classic book on the Chinese art of discovering Ming – one’s destiny! Calculating the Bazi is simply the best presentation of how to calculate a Chinese astrology birth chart; and in the process you will perceive the inner-workings of the energy cycles of the universe – the heart and beat of the Tao.

Step-by-step, Taylor Wu walks the reader through the procedures for determining the energetic structure of a person with exactness, humor and a deep spiritual empathy. With her professionally prepared tables and examples, the student now has all the tools to learn this ancient art. I have searched sources around the world for meaningful unique teachings on the art and science for determining Ming, Calculating the BaZi has fulfilled that quest. Transmitted from an authentic lineage, the meanings behind the written words are transmitted to the reader in only the way a practice rooted in the Tao can be. Calculating the BaZi is a most unique and incredibly valuable book; I recommend it to everyone interested in learning and expanding their knowledge of Chinese astrology and any of the Chinese and Taoists arts.”

David Twicken, DOM, L.Ac., Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Professor; Author


“A welcome introduction into the dynamics of the Chinese calendar: transform a western date into the four pillars of Chinese Astrology using fingers, formulas and tables. I’m happy to see that Dr Taylor Wu’s approach to BaZi is offering interpretations for spirituality in the healing arts (Traditional Chinese Medicine).”

Robert Trnoska, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Teacher, Austria

“It is hard to find a good non-fiction writer who can maintain both ease of flow and interest of the reader in a topic where chances of losing your audience grows exponentially with the complexity of the process described. Dr. Taylor Wu is such a hard-to-find gem who artfully, and not the least heart-fully, illuminates an ancient method of informing practitioners. This book reflects a clear mind and a keen foresight to predict where readers’ mind could wander into dead ends – quite a talent for educators!”

Kleopatra Ormos, M.D., Screenplay Consultant, Traditional Medicine Practitioner

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