GuQin Music

The GuQin 古琴 (or simply Qin 琴) is an ancient classical Chinese musical instrument. Chinese hermits and scholars have been using the Qin as a vehicle for spiritual cultivation for thousands of years. The Qin has a history of more than 5,000 years as indicated by a story about the ancient Chinese shaman-king FuXi 伏羲. He invented the BaGua (the Eight Trigrams) and created the first Qin.

The Qin: A Symbol of the Universe

The Qin is a symbol of the Universe. The size of the Qin is 3′ 6.5″ (in Chinese feet and inches), which symbolizes the 365 days of the year. It has seven strings to represent the Yin-Yang and the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal). The top of the Qin is rounded and represents for heaven; the bottom of the Qin is angular and stands for Earth. Therefore, the shape of the Qin depicts the ancient Chinese concept of the cosmos itself.

Qin music has three kinds of sounds which symbolize the three layers of the Universe: Heaven, Earth, and Human Being. These sounds represent the resonance between the Heart and Nature.

Music of the Heart

Qin music is called Qinxin – Heart Music or Musical Heart. In the Chinese wisdom traditions, Qin music represents the rhythm of the Dao or Universal Energy.

Sound healing with Qin music

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