Free! Practice: Sound Healing Qigong

In Chinese, Feng 風 is actually a complicated word which means much more than “wind.” It can be used to signify harmony or harm, grace or scandal, gentle or harsh. The pictograph in Oracle Bone style looks a bird riding on clouds and Qi, which we can imagine as the representation of the wind currents that support birds in flight.

 Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong, Chapter 2

Ride the Wind, performed by Master Zhongxian Wu

This Qin music is based on one of the important Daoist cultivating principles – YuFeng 御風. In Daoist tradition, YuFeng (Ride the Wind) is a term which represents the truest state of the physical body and the spirit. In this state, there is no suffering, as one is living in complete harmony with nature. 

In order to reach this state, we must first detach ourselves from all external phenomena, even our own physical body; second, we must find the rhythm of our breath; third, we connect the rhythm of our breathing with our body.

It is with this in mind that I recorded this traditional Qin piece, from the Song Dynasty, “Ride the Wind,” to share with all of you.

Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed by physical or mental challenges, you may like to listen to the song while repeating the three steps listed above.

Punctuating our days with a few minutes of sound healing Qigong allows us to transform feelings of overwhelm into moments of peace, bringing us a profound sense of freedom, as a bird riding the wind.

I hope this practice will help you, especially during the turbulent times. 

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  1. Thank you for giving us a foundation to one of this planets most richest cultures and it’s spiritual practices. I have several of your books and decided to put my trust into your teachings specifically. Thanks again and thanks for the tea time.

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