YaoGong 藥功 Qigong Practice:

Your body is like a musical instrument that is made of the Five Qi-strings. Practicing a Qigong form is like playing a song with your body-instrument.

In my tradition, we always start our practice by tuning the Five Qi-strings – our  body’s “tuning keys” – our Five Qi-needles.

The Practice

Please stand with your feet together and imagine you are a new sprout, springing forth from the ground.

Relax your eyelids to bring your eyesight within.

Look within.

Listen within.

Tuning the Fire Qi-string:  Straighten your neck and head as though you are being pulled up towards heaven by the hairs on top of your head. The hair on top of your head is your Fire Qi-needle.

Tuning the Earth Qi-string: Lift the Earth Qi-needle, the tip of your tongue, and gently touch it to the tooth ridge behind your upper teeth.

Tuning the Metal Qi-string: Tuck in your lower belly and lift your perineum, the Metal Qi-needle. 

Tuning the Water Qi-string: Keep your teeth together, the Water Qi-needle,  and keep your mouth closed.

Tuning the Wood Qi-string: The Wood Qi-needle includes all the nails of your toes and fingertips. Grab the floor with all of your toes while allowing your harms to hang down naturally, with your palms open and fingers straight. Feel your fingertips penetrating into the center of the earth.

Next, please turn your arms slowly about 180 degrees. Raise your hands from both sides till your arms form a V-shape, like lotus petals.  

With your palms facing each other, feel your fingertips touching heaven.

Imagine you are a new sprout growing into a giant tree. Hold this posture as long as you can.

Focus on your breath.

When you can not hold the position any longer, gradually bring your hands down to the front of your belly. Your palms are facing your belly, your thumbs and index fingers gently touching.

Hold this posture for a few minutes and continue looking and listening within.

Observe your breath through your heart.  

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