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Yijing Divination Avignon 2019

31 May 2019 - 7:30-9:00pm

For registration details, please contact Catherine Lartigau.

The Yijing 易經, or I Ching, is a book of divination that originates from ancient Wu 巫 (ancient Chinese shamans or enlightened beings).

The Yijing contains three secret layers of wisdom:

Xiang 象 (symbolism), Shu 數 (numerology), and Li 理 (philosophy). Since the Yijing is considered the root of ancient Chinese science and civilization, it can also be used to gain deep insights into the practice of Chinese medicine, spiritual cultivation, and our daily lives.

In this conference, Master Zhongxian Wu will share the spirit of the Yijing: prediction and change. He will demonstrate an ancient Yijing divination system, different from what you see in most Yijing books. This Yijing divination or prediction depends on the knowledge of Xiang (symbolism) and Shu (numerology) of the BaGua 八卦 (Eight Trigrams) of the Yijing.