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Qi-Needling Norrtälje 2019

September 20 @ 6:30 pm September 22 @ 1:30 pm

Save €50! Pay by July 24!

Full Price: €695 (tuition, shared room, all meals)
Budget Price: €495 (tuition only)


In antiquity, when treating diseases they basically transferred Jing and changed Qi, using solely the ZhuYou 祝由method.

– Chapter 13 of HuangDi NeiJing 黃帝內經 SuWen 素問

QiZhen 炁針, the ancient esoteric method of Qi-Needling, is a most remarkable Wu 巫 (shamanic) and Daoist ZhuYou 祝由 healing art, which targets the subtle Qi 氣 (energetic) and Shen 神 (spiritual) bodies of your clients. Chinese and natural medicine practitioners and spiritual healers can learn this ancient technique, using a needle, calligraphy brush, or even invisible Qi-Needles, to work directly with the most refined layers of the human being without physically touching their clients’ corporal bodies.

In this workshop, Master Zhongxian Wu will share:

  1. Introduction to ZhuYou 祝由(Daoist Shamanic Healing)
  2. How to cultivate your shamanic healing ability
  3. Directly experience with QiZhen
  4. The Cosmic Five Spirits and Human Beings’ Five Spirits
  5. How to create ZhengQi 正炁 in your clinical practice
  6. Clinical Qi-Needling guidance



Sjötullsgatan 10
Norrtälje, 76130 Sweden
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