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GanZhi Advanced Daoist Arts session 1 Norrtälje 2021

April 9 @ 6:30 pm April 14 @ 1:00 am

To qualify for the early bird pricing, please pay your €500 non-refundable deposit by January 30, 2021.

Price includes tuition, shared lodging and all meals. A limited number of private rooms are available for an additional €400.

Daoist Arts program to preserve the use of the Stems and Branches in classical Chinese healing arts, internal cultivation practice, and in Yijing divination techniques, as well as to create an international network of practitioners and teachers skilled in the deepest roots of China’s ancient wisdom traditions.

This program is based on an unbroken lineage of Daoist oral tradition, the Song Dynasty astrology classic, DiTianShui 滴天髓, the HuangDiNeiJing 黃帝內經, and the DaoDeJing 道德經. Guided by principles of the Yijing易經, one of the oldest classical Chinese texts, the structure of this program includes four levels of training: Yuan 元, Heng 亨, Li 利, and Zhen 貞.  To help students deepen and embody their understanding of these ancient arts, we share secret Daoist internal alchemy practices throughout each level of the program. 

Session 1: Yuan 元- TianGan



Yuan is the source of virtue*

Yuan means origin and source. In the Yijing, it is the symbol for new life, the virtue of heaven and earth, spring, the eastern direction and great compassion. We begin this program by focusing on the source of all practical applications of the TianGan – symbolism and numerology – and by nourishing the root of our Shan 善, the great compassion inherent in our being. In this level, we will cover:

JiChu基礎 (Foundations)

History and mythology; TianRenHeYi 天人合一 (the Union of Human and Nature); TianGan (10 Heavenly Stems) internal alchemy and healing principles; Chinese calligraphy (10 TianGan symbols); TianGan symbolism and numerology; Spirit of the 10 organ systems

YiLi 毉理 (Clinical Theory)

YaoYi 藥義 (Original concept of medicine); FangYao 方藥 (primordial cosmos and Chinese medicine); ZhenLiao 診療說 (three layers of diagnosis and treatment)

Fa 灋 (Cultivation Practice)

Zhen 震 (Thunder, the ritual of the heart); TianGan NeiGong XinFa 天干內功心灋 (TianGan internal alchemy standing and sitting meditation); ShuiGong 睡功 (three hearts return to one root)



Sjötullsgatan 10
Norrtälje, 76130 Sweden
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