Dai Family XinYi Internal Martial Arts

XinYi 心意, or Heart-Mind internal martial arts, holds its origins in the study of the Daoist Hidden Immortal Lineage.  The principles of XinYi martial arts are the same as those of traditional Daoist Qigong practices (internal alchemy). 

There are many different forms in XinYi practice, including WuXingQuan 五行拳 (Five Elements Form), SiBa 四把 (Four Movement Form), NiuKou SanDao 扭扣三刀 (Three Twist Broad Sword Form), DianXueJue 點穴橛 (Shiatsu & Dim Mak that work with key pressure points in the body), Chopstick Form, Stick Form, many animal forms, among others. Recently, Grandmaster Zhao has offered his blessings for Master Wu to teach the most secret Dai Family XinYi practice, the BaGua XinJing 八卦心鏡, to the general public.

Grandmaster Zhao ShouRong 趙守榮

HunYuanZhuang, entering the prenatal state

All practices are based on HunYuan Zhuang 混元桩, a standing practice designed to allow you to unify yourself with the universe and return to the Dao (the emptiness), thereby entering what is known as the “prenatal state” in qigong and internal alchemy practices. 

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To learn more about the Dai Family system, please read Master Wu’s book, XinYi WuDao: Heart-Mind – The Dao of Martial Arts, or watch his instructional XinYi DVDs, XinYi WuXing and XinYi BaGua.