Chinese Astrology

When most people think of Chinese astrology, they think of the twelve animals commonly printed on restaurant menus. In actuality, Chinese astrology is vastly more complicated than this. Chinese Astrology is based on ancient Chinese cosmology and Five Elements Theory.

Each individualized chart is a life reading that gives insight into a person’s past, present, and future. The Chinese name for astrology is Ming Li 命理 – the principle of your life or karma.

Through a the chart, one can obtain guidance about health, career, and relationships and more. By understanding the energies of the Universe at the moment of one’s birth, we can understand how best to support the life patterns of each individual.

If you are interested in learning more, please explore the links to the articles on this page, as they will provide you with an introduction to the fundamentals of Chinese astrology.

For detailed information on how to calculate and analyze your own four pillar BaZi astrology chart, please read Dr. Karin Taylor Wu’s book, Calculating the BaZi.

Learn More About Chinese Astrology!

If you would like to read more about Chinese astrology and cosmology, please find links to a few articles and books below:

Introductory Articles about Chinese Astrology

Cosmology and Five Elements

Gan 干 (Heavenly Stems) and Zhi 支 (Earthly Branches)

SiZhu 四柱 (Four Pillars) and BaZi 八字 (Eight Characters)

Books About Chinese Astrology

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches: The Heart of Chinese Wisdom Traditions

Calculating the BaZi: The GanZhi/Chinese Astrology Workbook

Yijing, FengShui and Astrology Consultations with Master Wu

Master Wu provides Yijing, Chinese astrology, and Fengshui consultations to support people through challenging times and to make specific life style recommendations that help improve health, quality of life, relationships and business success.

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