About Master Wu

Not just an aerospace engineer...

Master Zhongxian Wu, a 1989 graduate of XiDian 西電 University in Xi’an China, worked as a Aerospace Engineer in Xi’an for 12 years.  He also served as Director of the Shaanxi Province Association for Somatic Science and the Shaanxi Association for the Research of Daoist Nourishing Life Practices.

Qigong research and teaching - a passionate hobby

In this capacity, he conducted many investigations into the clinical efficacy of Qigong and authored numerous works, (including five books) on the philosophical and historical foundations of China’s ancient life sciences.  He began teaching Qigong instructors in 1988.  Since then, Master Wu has instructed thousands of practitioners throughout China, North America and Europe.

Hobby becomes profession

In 2001, Master Wu was recruited by the Classical Chinese Medicine Department of the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon to help develop their Chinese medicine program.  He served as Senior Instructor and Resident Expert of Qigong and Taiji at NUNM for four years. During his time at NUNM, Master Wu was also sub-investigator of a 2003 Qigong research program sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA. 

Master Wu presents trainings and workshops for professionals and the general public in Qigong, Taiji and topics related to the classical Chinese arts around China, North America and Europe.

Prolific author

Lifelong commitment to traditional Daoist arts

Committed to bringing the authentic teachings of classical Chinese wisdom traditions (such as Qigong/NeiGong, Taiji, XinYi, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese astrology, Chinese cosmology, Fengshui and Yijing science) to the Western audience, Master Wu offers classes, workshops, seminars and  long-term training programs to provide annual opportunities for students to deepen their study of traditional Daoist practices.

Programs offered

JingDao Traditional Daoist Arts Program

The JingDao Traditional Daoist Arts Program covers topics in Qigong (Neigong), Taiji, XinYi Quan, Yijing divination, Chinese astrology, Chinese calligraphy, Fengshui and more.

GanZhi Advanced Daoist Arts Program

The GanZhi Advanced Daoist Arts Program promotes the use of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches in classical Chinese healing arts, internal cultivation practice, and more.